Notion on Steroids.

Supercharge your Notion workspace with tools built for Content Creators & Solopreneurs

Join creators growing their audiences & businesses.

Notion is not built for the Creator Economy

We've outgrown the basic Wiki use cases

Limited integrations

A small number of partner integrations means Creators cannot leverage all the tools at their disposal.

Just copy & paste

We spend too much time jumping back & forth between platforms pressing cmd+c/v. Our fingers hurt.

Manual permissions

It's public or private. That's it. Manually inviting to private pages in Notion isn't scalable for Solopreneurs.

That's why we built Divvy...

Spend more time Creating + Selling

Give your Notion superpowers!

Plan, write, and publish right in Notion

Schedule your LinkedIn posts without ever leaving Notion. (Tweets coming soon)

Private invites to Notion, automatically

Automatically invite guests to a private Notion page with Gumroad purchases.

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