Sell Notion products, privately

Automatically invite customers to a private Notion page from Gumroad & Stripe purchases

Join creators on and start sharing automatically.

It's hard selling online

But it pays the bills (sometimes)

Launch Notion product & share to web

Customer duplicates & share to friends

Missed revenue & copycats

That's why we built Divvy Invite...

Most secure way to sell Notion products on Gumroad & Stripe

Never make your pages public again

Permissionless sharing gone

Only invited guests allowed, managed users in your Notion. You have total permissions control. Boom!

Set it and forget it

Setup once and with our automation, it works forever. Seriously!

Sell anything on Gumroad & Stripe

When your customer buy, they will automatically be invited to your Notion product. That easy!

What Creators are saying

Notion Certified, Solopreneurs, Content Creators, and more.

Sell anything in Notion privately

Don't miss out on revenue

100% private, not public

Automate your sales and scale

Works with any Notion product

For solopreneurs creating

βœ“ Notion templates

βœ“ Info products

βœ“ Beta testing new products

βœ“ Premium newsletters

βœ“ Patreon only content

βœ“ Private communities

βœ“ Project collaborations


Sell private Notion pages & make more money


For hobbyist just getting started


βœ“ Share with 10 guests

βœ“ Connect 1 Gumroad/Stripe product

βœ“ Works with Notion free plan


For Notion creators already selling

$6 /month

βœ“ Share with unlimited guests

βœ“ Connect unlimited products

βœ“ Works with all Notion pricing plans

βœ“ Always get the latest version


For solopreneurs running a content business

$8 /month

βœ“ Everything in Invite Pro

βœ“ Everything in Schedule Pro

Share private Notion pages automatically

Try our demo. It takes less than 1 minute. It's free.

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