Growing on LinkedIn & Twitter has never been easier

Write, plan, publish your content without ever leaving Notion

Join creators that are growing their LinkedIn audience.

We all hate copy & pasting

But we do it for LinkedIn & Twitter

Brainstorm, write, plan in Notion

Copy & paste to LinkedIn & Twitter

Reformat, schedule, and repeat

That's why we built Divvy Schedule...

Never leave your Notion again

Notion to LinkedIn seamlessly

Visualise your content calendar

See what's published, scheduled, create new posts, and organise existing ones in one calendar.

Never reformat with a live preview

Get a preview of your LinkedIn post, directly in Notion, while you're typing. GIFs, PNGs, Video, etc.

Works with your workflow

Fits with how you want to work. Just set time and date then schedule. The rest is up to you.

What Content Creators are saying

Notion Certified, Solopreneurs, LinkedIn & Twitter Creators, and more.

Write, plan, publish in Notion to LinkedIn & Twitter

Leave the manual work to our robots

Focus on the content & nothing else

Perfectly formatted posts with preview

Automatically publish & status updates


Save time & grow faster online


For hobbyist just getting started


10 LinkedIn posts per month

10 Tweets per month

1 Thread per month


For creators growing an audience

$6 /month

Unlimited LinkedIn posts (no limit)

Unlimited Tweets & threads (soon)

Remove Divvy watermark

Always get the latest version


For solopreneurs running a content business

$8 /month

Everything in Schedule Pro

Everything in Invite Pro

Supercharge your Notion with Schedule

Install the extension. It takes less than 1 minute.


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